1.    What do we need?

Our Policy on Personal Data Protections regulates the use and the storage of your data. You can see our Personal Data Protections Policy at the following link Privacy and Cookie Policy (or in our public in our bulletin board inside our venue). Associazione Terra Mater Gubbio the legal representative in person is the owner of the processing of personal data that you (person interested) provide us. We collect the following personal data:

  • Identification data
  • Navigation data
  • Data provided by the interested user

2. Why do we need them?

We need your personal data for the following services:

  • Collect informations
  • Collect Requests
  • Send informative material

3. What do we do with your data and to whom can we transfer it?

Your personal data will be treated in the company site of Corso Boccalini, 92 – 60025 Loreto (AN).  Hosting and storage will take place inRegister.it S.p.a., in Viale della Giovine Italia, 17 – 50122 Firenze..

For each purpose above mentioned we will indicate the “legal basis”– that means for which reasons the treatment is allowed– specifying which processing are allowed and which ones rely on your own will.

The processing of persona data are used to create and process contracts and to meet the related legal obligation, for the pursuing legitimate interests of our company, to the proper creation and set up of the relationship, to fulfilment of the ensuing obligations and in any cases to the defences of its contractual reasons. Data acquisition for the purpose mentioned is therefore necessary and it’s an essential requirement as regards contracts, in absence it would not be possible supply products and/or perform services. However, for your maximum safeguard you can obtain information and/or object to the processing for that particular purpose by using the guide line given at the bottom of this information sheet.
No third parties can access to your data, unless it is specifically request by law or necessarily required as integral part of our contractual obligations towards you, without them we won’t be able to supply goods or perform services.

4. For how long will the collected data be stored and how we process it

According to the Italian laws, we are required to keep documents which are part of legally binding processing for a compulsory period of time defined by law in compliance with our record-keeping Policy. After this period of time, your data will be destroyed. All the personal data we hold for notification purposes of goods and services, or for commercial and marketing activities, or processing, or unencumbered assets by law, will be store until you will inform us you won’t receive this information anymore.

For any further information about our personal data keeping program, please also visit our Data Keeping Policy. Your data will be processed in print or in electronic format.  For us safety and the correct keeping of your data is fundamental, also to prevent unauthorized or illicit processing and destruction or accidental loss of data.

For this reason, data processing shall be carried out with due regard of proper security measures both directly and by any potential external Responsible for processing and by subjects adequately authorized and instructed.

In case of joint proposals with other parties, the other companies may operate independently as owners of the processing operations they perform, and they will provide a separate information note on it.

5. Which are your rights and to whom you can turn for

If you think that any personal data we keep could be wrong or incomplete, you can require to watch this information, correct them or delete them. So please contact us through the Data Access Form available in our company in Corso Boccalini, 92 – 60025 Loreto (AN).

Whether you would like to know how we have been processing your data please contact Associazione Terra Mater Gubbio controller at this email address franco.raffi@libero.it or by ordinary mail Corso Boccalini, 92 – 60025 Loreto (AN). Associazione Terra Mater Gubbio the Controller will examine your request and will actively work to give you all the necessary information.

If you think that your personal data are not properly managed by law, you may also contact Associazione Terra Mater Gubbio controller of the addresses above mentioned, or send a report to the Data Protection Authority reachable at the following link www.garanteprivacy.it.